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Casting rods are designed to allow the fisherman to accurately place a bait or lure wherever they want to. Although they can be split into two categories – spin casting rods and bait casting rods – most modern rods are simply sold as ‘casting rods’ without any differentiation. In both models, the eyes are on the top of the rod.

Spin casting rods usually have smaller eyes and a forefinger trigger grip, but have one larger eye nearest the reel. They are designed to be used with spin casting reels. 

Bait casting rods are very similar, and usually only differ in the fact that the last eye closest to the reel is slightly smaller due to the difference in the way line peels off baitcasting reels.

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  • Baitecasting and spinning rod in four size 1.8m 2.1m 2.4m 2.7m
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