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Flies are a type of fishing lure traditionally used in fly fishing. Thanks to the development of new materials, they can be sometimes be used in spin fishing, as well. Fly fishing lures consist of just a single hook and a skirt. Using furs, feathers, or thread, these lures are tied to resemble insects, crustaceans, or other prey. The accuracy with which these critters are often depicted is mind boggling. Fly tying is not easy – many even consider it to be an art form. But that’s one of the reasons why fly fishing is so immersive and addictive for those who try it.

Fishing with Fly Lures

Flies work great in areas where fish approach the water’s surface. Some fly lures are designed to float (surface flies), while others are designed to sink (subsurface flies). Depending on what type of prey your targeted fish is more likely to eat, you’ll be using dry flies (waterproof lures that float on the surface to imitate insects), wet flies (lures designed to sink below the surface and imitate minnows and sunken insects), nymphs (imitating crustaceans), emerging flies (hatching insects), and streamer flies (bait fish).

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