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Fly Fishing Reels were designed with precision in mind. When fly fishing, you need to have accuracy in order to cast the line to your desired spot, so fly fishing reels offer some of the most accurate casting you can find.

There is also a variety of different styles of reels for fishing. For example, you have certain reels that were designed specifically for trout fishing, and then you have other reels that were designed to catch salmon. With fly fishing reels, you also sometimes have large arbors on the reel, which increase the retrieval speed.

Fly fishing reels are simple, reliable and durable, with emphasis on durability. It is not uncommon to see certain fly fishing reels that have been around for over 40 to 50 years still being used today.

If you are looking to just make a one-time investment in a fishing reel, then a fly fishing reel will be one of the best you could make.

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