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Fly Fishing Rods

Fly rods come in a range of sizes and shapes, and are specifically designed for fly fishing. They are thin and flexible to allow you to work the fly back and forwards and are usually very lightweight and small compared to other rods. They come in sizes designed to target fish from the tiniest trout in small mountain streams to large saltwater game fish like marlin and tuna.

One of the distinctive features of a fly rod is the lack of a butt section below the reel, which means the angler can cast freely and with speed. They also have specialized eyes, called snake eyes, which are designed to guide the heavy fly line and prevent tangles when you cast. Most modern fly rods are made of carbon fiber composites, as they allow optimal flexibility and strength. Higher quality rods have either a cork or a wooden reel mount. Most experienced fishermen prefer the wooden mount, as it is supposed to be more sensitive to small movements and better to fish with.

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