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Spinnerbait lures are a little different because they move horizontally through the water. They come in many shapes and colors depending on the targeted depth and species. Spinnerbaits are equipped with a skirted hook on one side, and one or more metal blades which spin like a propeller, on the other. The spinning of the blades creates vibration and color reflection, which pretty accurately mimics minnows and other bait fish. These lures are perfect for catching species like Bass, Perch, and Pike.

Fishing with a Spinnerbait Lure

If the water you’re fishing in is clear, pulling your spinnerbait just beneath the surface is a great way of attracting game fish. The spinning blades will make a great visual effect and should attract a lot of fish. Just keep your rod high and make sure the blades are beneath the surface. If the water is murky, this will not work. Add a sinker and rely on the vibrations of your spinnerbait lure.

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