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Spoons are curved, concave metal lures. Spoon lures got their name because they were originally just that – spoons with the handles cut off. Their concave shape makes them shine and wobble as they move through the water. The bigger the curve, the wider the wobble. A wobbling lure resembles injured bait fish, and this is something game fish can’t say no to.

Fishing with a Spoon Lure

You can cast a spoon lure or troll it. For casting, anglers usually go for 10–20 feet below the target zone, and then retrieve the lure right through it. Make sure to take a good look at the moving spoon to determine the adequate speed of retrieval. If the spoon moves too fast or too slow, it won’t wobble properly. Same goes for trolling. Trolling with spoons usually requires downriggers for setting a desired depth.

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